1st 3-day Holiday

I'm writing this in the car, as we're going on our way to the province. In the Philippines, November 1 and November 2 are usually celebrated as holidays/holy days. For a lot of Filipinos, these 2 days are the days when people go back to their roots and respective hometowns to honor their dead or our beloved ancestors.

This is also one of the times when relatives have their own small reunions with each other, being one of the few days in the year that people really go and spend their time together. To an extent the clan or family is made whole in these 2 days as even those who have departed already are sort of "attending" the reunion as well.

This is the first 3-day vacation that I am going to take as an MBA student of a full-time MBA program. While I am looking forward to taking a few days off from the fast-paced school life, I know that our cases, readings, exams, research, and even org activities are not going away any time soon. So I am bringing with me some of my books, keeping abreast of what's new in the news and sort of reuniting as well with society in general. I know there's lots of work to be done in the coming week(1 Statistics Exam, 1 LOB Exam, 2 Eco Case presentations, 1 Blood Drive Event, and so many more things littered in between.

I slept at around 6AM today after having submitted our WAC number 3 in the morning. I'll most likely sleep of tonight to recuperate. While I'm rearing to go back to school(dunno why exactly), I also need this short period of rest.

Supposedly there's a storm here but we haven't experienced the full force of it yet. Hope we don't have to.

For all who are going to their hometowns, have a safe and productive trip.
For those who are staying, start reading our assignments and cases in advance. But take a little time off once in a while.

Take care everyone!



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