PACTs needs volunteers

I recently attended a few meetings of the Philanthropic Activities Society(?) of AIM. They're planning on conducting a Blood Drive and are looking for able and willing volunteers to gather corporate sponsors, actual donors and for various other tasks during the project.

While giving out blood is a normal practice already for a lot of countries, it is unfortunate that in the Philippines, this hasn't been that prevalent a practice. Few do it here, and the general public do not know the benefits and other facts about how important it is to have a steady supply of blood. We all know how important blood is.

Accident victims need blood, blood is used for surgery, dengue patients need blood.

I myself have suffered from Dengue twice(or is it thrice) in my life. The most recent one was just a few days after I filed for resignation in my company. I remember how bad it was. I couldn't taste anything. The food I ate was either bland, or too salty. I remember eating potatoes or something and it tasted like I was eating powder. I was lucky to not have to deal with blood transfusion but the daily blood tests were painful. I survived obviously though.

But one of my high school batchmates did die of dengue a few weeks after that. He had reached the blood transfusion stage and had some complications.

What I want to say is that, despite these two things that have happened, I believe in the value of giving blood.

For one I get tested for many kinds of sicknesses when I donate blood. I've donated my blood since college.

Second is that I feel that I have helped someone survive because of my blood. it felt comforting in a way, that even if I gave some small amounts of myself, that it meant a lot for whoever got my blood.

Third, it is like serving my fellow human beings and country. I could say now that I bled for my country right...?

PACTs is still in the process of organizing this event. We hope that more students as well as alumni will join in this effort. After all, AIM students are supposed to be responsible members of society right?

The PACTs moderator former AIM professor Azanza said, "AIM blood is in demand here." He also said that because of the diversity, the types of blood is also diverse. Good things I guess.

PACTs will release more info soon. There is a facebook page for PACTs. Look it up in the internet. Also, interested persons can approach the members for more info on what help they could do.



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