The WEEK that Was (last week, Sept 28-Oct 2)

Haven't really been updating the website lately partly due to the lack of wifi services in my place, partly because of the heavy load of readings, cases and quizzes, but mostly due to lack of drive to write something. Some call it the writer's block(?) I think.

Anyway, I've been thinking of getting wifi soon because of the obvious necessity to stay up-to-date and connected with the rest of the campus community(it also makes setting up meetings and CAN sessions easier). Tomorrow I'm going to sign up for a cheap one that will be enough for my stay in Makati.

A number of important things have happened last week. While I cannot recall all of them, some things are just worth taking note of:

1. We had an impromptu public speaking session during MC class(MGT COMMUNICATION), out of a random pick of speakers I got to be the one to speak first. I was supposed to be a famous martial arts movie star, who gets invited to an elementary school to persuade kids to eat vegetables. While I enjoyed it very much, as I think despite my extra-introvertedness I was at home with public speaking. I never really got to finish my martial arts movie-like "autobiography" entitled, "The Secret Weapon of Master Chino" because I totally forgot about the 3 minute time limit...oh well haha

2. During the same impromptu speaking sessions, I discovered new sides to a lot of my classmates. While some of us who spoke obviously had more than enough confidence and charisma to dominate a room, I was surprised more than once with the skill that a lot of my classmates had when it came to delivering seemingly researched, intricately detailed and most especially inspiring speeches. Our class was great, in that constructive criticisms were really given at the end of each speech. We all felt good after the speeches as speakers received praise for their efforts and the audience seemed to be very appreciative really of what each speaker did. About 3 speeches really stand out to me: the speech about the love for haute cuisine, the clever use of brand name for a new cleaning service( "Talk Dirty to Me"), and a really inspiring speech who some of my classmates said could've been said by a future leader.

3. LOB- Words weren't enough to describe how the whole of COHORT 5 felt, when we were given the 1st LOB quiz last friday. Confusion perhaps? I was looking at my paper wondering at the time about how I knew absolutely NOTHING about the questions given, bothered why none of my classmates were asking the proctors until I asked myself. Turns out a lot have asked, the proctors checked the paper, and saw that they gave us the wrong set of exams! What a relief it was...

UPDATE:It wasn't really a relief as this week's LOB exam will prove...

I've yet to recall everything. Seems like at AIM, things just move too fast to remember everything. Whenever I go home, everything seems to slow down...Strange



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