Did You Read The Case?

If you've noticed that I haven't been blogging here as much I used to, you're spot on. But there's a pretty good reason for that.

I'm working on a free book project about my experiences in studying and teaching at the Asian Institute of Management's MBA program. The free book is called "Did You Read The Case? - 25 Tips on How to Survive the Case Method MBA and the Asian Institute of Management" The book is meant to be a pocket guide to folks who are interested in taking the MBA at AIM and a source of inspiration to MBA students who are cursing the high heavens during their Financial Management exams.

Here's a draft of the cover:

The book is still in its early stages and I've gotten Prof. Ricky Lim to write the foreword. Included in the book are tips on how to get admitted into the MBA program, how to make the perfect class participation (CP), and how to work with Filipinos and Indians without going crazy. But I promise it will be a light read that will evoke sheepish grins.

As for the release, the target date is second quarter of 2010 (or even sooner!). :)


Master's in Management (MM) at Asian Institute of Management (AIM) - Enrol in (a) 16-month MBA and (b) 11 month Masters in Management (MM) at Asian Institute of Management (AIM), www.aim.edu, Manila, Philippines. AIM admission test on December 6. Applicants who have taken GMAT no more than two years ago with a score of 600 and above need not take AIMAT. XAT scores with 96 percentile mark is also accepted.
nemesis said…
Very good endeavour! Am sure it will help many people...

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