Sunk Costs

Brought a Statistics book today, only realizing that the authors of the book entitled "Even YOU Can Learn Statistics: A Guide for Everyone Who Has Ever Been Afraid of Statistics", are the same as the authors of the textbook that we use in class (2 of them are)...

So, what do I do with this book? Well, I have to look at it in a more positive way I guess. For one, the book is way thinner than the textbook that we use, which admittedly, I did not really read much. Maybe in a few days I can finally understand statistics and actually apply it to cases with more confidence and less confusion.

So far I have 3 subjects which I feel that I am lacking in terms of marks. One is QA (statistics), another is OM (because I don't really know what my standing is there, and there is little chance for CP in class), and of course LOB. Some of my classmates have given up, or are almost about to give up on LOB. Me, I've always known it was going to be really hard. I guess I should've put more effort into it. While it is already too late to regret, I am trying to join and observe review groups. It is the actual practicing of the problems that sometimes intimidates me (normally I take 2-3 hours on a case that the average person finishes in 30mins). I still don't want to think of it as a sunk cost however, so I will still try to get a decent grade in the finals...

As for OM and QA, QA maybe I can still manage. But I don't like how the software aspect of the course is biased towards PC users. Javascript doesn't work on Macs and I don't like to have to buy software just to install Windows on my laptop. If someone can get me free or cheap copies though... OM on the other hand, maybe I can also make up with. ALthough I am not sure of where I stand in the course as of the moment, I get the concepts well enough. My only gripe is connected to QA which we've discussed recently.

Anyway, term 1 is almost ending and a new term 2 will come soon enough. Our FM looks to be a promising subject. I like the examples and the way the book is presented. Hopefully it will be enough to keep me motivated. MCP also is relevant enough as I can really see myself making use of a lot of what I am going to learn in Managerial Accounting in my future work. For sure a lot of us have some subjects which we need more effort with.

What subjects are you most weak at? What are you going to do about it?
Comments appreciated... :)



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