A Break, Finally

Finally, I've managed to feel I actually have a break. I've spent the last few days at home with my folks and my siblings and a brief out of town trip with my significant other. I especially appreciated the time I was able to spend with my older brother, who came here from London to have a 3-week vacation of his own. To be honest, I was already resigned that my break was slowly slipping away at the start of the week. Thank goodness, I needed the few days off.

I think everyone in our class needs this break. My observation was that the class energy the week before the break was very low. There were a few case discussions that, I would say, are listless compared to the the ones we had at the Pre-MBA and the first couple of weeks. I hope the rest rejuvenates everyone.


I'll be talking at the first Search Engine Marketing conference here in the Philippines in less than two weeks. The event on Ocotber 9 & 10 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati is aptly called SEMCON 2007 and it focuses on search engine marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, web analytics, viral & word-of-mouth marketing and social media & community-driven marketing.

I'll be talking on the topics "Mission Redesign: When, What and How?" and "Super Site Clinic - Give Your Site an Instant Makeover." The event is really rich with learnings and insights and there are other good reasons for attending SEMCON 2007.


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