Feedback Like These Make Blogging Worth It

I recently received this from my email, with a subject line that says "Thank you!":
Hi Regnard,
I just wanted to say thank you! I've been reading your blog: and it's really given me some insight as to what to expect at AIM. I have been accepted at AIM for the 2008 MBA program and have been a little curious as to what to expect. Your blog has certainly been an interesting read. Thanks again.
Note: I did not include the sender's name for privacy purposes.

Wow. The email is really simple but I found it very powerful. Blogging my experiences in AIM has been more of a channel of self-expression of my reflections and gripes of the daily MBA grind. I knew people would see this blog and hopefully appreciate the work not just by me, but also the whole MBA class is doing. The mere fact that a person was affected by this blog positively in a way validates the effort that I've put into this blog.

When I was looking at applying at AIM, I really did not have the first hand source to tell me what it's like doing the MBA. I find it satisfying that there are people who sees this blog as their first hand source. To them, I say "Thank you!"


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