Here We Go Again

I haven't blogged much about schoolwork and class load, and there's a pretty good reason for that: things have been pretty manageable for the last two weeks.

But this week seems to be different. There has been a steady increase in deliverables and group work that it looking less like a spike in the workload and more like a deluge of deadlines. To give you an idea for what we have lined up this week: a quiz on Financial Management 2 (FM2) on financing defaults and restructuring, argumentation sessions in Management Communication (MC), group case analysis in Marketing Management (MM), another group case analysis in FM2, requirements gathering for a project in Development of the Enterprise (DE), and the finals for our Management of Cost and Profit (MCP). And if you're taking care of extracurricular activities (like me) and coordinating for your Walkabout* and arranging your Action Consultancy (AC) or internship, this week is really a heavy one. Sleep may once again become a luxury for us.

Perhaps us MBA first years have had it relatively easy recently so things look so daunting all of a sudden. The question now is: Will things get better or will we endure deliverable after deliverable?

*Walkabout = Major, major project in Human Behavior in Organizations (HBO), I'll post about this soon.


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