Electives Season Coming Up

The surest sign that the Action Consultancy (AC) season in the Asian Institute of Management is about to come to a close is the amount of emails my Google-powered AIM Mailbox has been getting the last couple of days. And those emails have been primarily about the registration for the electives the upcoming term.

Electives registration has got to be one of the more empowering aspects of the program. Unlike the electives registration in my undergrad days, the school leaves all the decision-making to the MBA student. Of course, the subjects offered are all geared towards entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, or interdisciplinary studies-- all of which are very much related to the MBA program. We're required to take at least 10 units of elective subjects of our own choosing this coming term.

I've spent the last few days looking at the offered electives and I'm towards getting 6 units of marketing and 4 units of interdisciplinary studies (notice I did not mention Finance). I was originally looking at one subject but feedback from one of the newly minted MBA's of Class 2008 made me change my mind.

In our end, there was a little confusion because there's one very in demand subject that was only accepting 30 students. In a class of 100 people, that meant that the MBA program folks had to implement a cut-off for the first 30 people who signed up for that subject. I was one of the people to get in that subject, not because I was lucky, but I was decisive and I knew what I wanted even before the registration began. I guess that diligence paid off. (I don't know about the other people in our class though)

The new term starts June 30. My AC officially ends on June 27. A few more days and I'll be back home to the real world.


What really happened in India?


Anonymous said…
Hi Regnard,

You AC at Infosys is getting more and more interesting with every passing week. Infosys sounds to be a fun place to do internships. Btw is you project a technical one or more of a management based? Also would Infosys pay you for these two months that you have spend working for them?

Hope you enjoy your further stay in India.

Hello Anonymous!

My project is... both! It has management and technical components. MBA students doing internships here are made sure to work in business-related projects.

Yes,we also get a stipend for the duration of the AC.
Jesse Timbang said…
How much is the stipend? Is that enough for a start-up here in the Phils? :P

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