My Farewell Dinner: Karaoke Night in Bangalore!

After a couple of my friends in the Infosys InStep Internship program said their farewells, it was my turn to host a farewell dinner for my co-interns since I would be flying back to Manila on Sunday midnight.

I really wanted to make the evening more than just good food so I decided to look for a place that's not very common in Bangalore-- a Karaoke place. For a guy from Manila, I just find it weird that there are virtually no regular karaoke/videoke venues in a city. (Well, I've been told that the Indian folk prefer to dance than to sing). I asked for referrals and the place that's most known for Karaoke in the city is a restaurant called Opus.

Opus has Karaoke Nights every Wednesdays and Sundays, so I decided to book our group to go there on the Wednesday of my last week in Bangalore. I also made sure I set the expectation that the majority of the people going there wold be singing. Fortunately, a lot of my co-interns obliged even though the karaoke area is a public stage where everyone in the restaurant will hear your "golden" voice. (Most of the people in the group are used to the Karaoke rooms similar to Red Box Karaoke).

We arrived in the restaurant a little early and we had our dinner. Food there is described as Goan cuisine, and people were generally happy with the food. The drinks, which I guess is a requirement for gaining confidence in that stage, was pretty pricey. As soon as the sign-ups for the songs was announced, people in our table trooped the host and gave the songs we wanted to sing on stage. The singing started after that, and then we just rocked the house.

Thanks to everyone who came and sang (and tried to sing :P), it made the evening fun and memorable.


Asian Institute of Management Update: I got emails that case packs are now available. Sheesh. Normal world, here I come!


Amore said…
There is also a nice karaoke place called "UPBEAT" it is in Banaswadi area. Glad you enjoyed your evening at Opus. You should have brought your karaoke set from the phillipines. Its just a small set which you hook up to your TV and enjoy yourself singing at home with your friends. Its so good.We have it at home.
rashmiarun said…

I want to know where can we go and buy that set? Planning to gift my dad on his b'day.

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