Trip to Agra and Delhi

As promised in my post about my seventh week in Infosys InStep, I'm posting something about the interns' trip to Agra and Delhi.

Thirty of us went to the Delhi and Agra last June 20-22. We took a leave on the Friday of that weekend since the travel times are long: it takes around two hours to travel to the new Bengaluru International Airport, which by the way, is a major upgrade over the old and beat-up Hindustan Airport. Then the flight to Delhi is 2.5 hours and the bus ride to Agra from Delhi is 5-6 hours. That meant we spent almost one full day for the transit alone.

Delhi is a very big city compared to Bangalore. It also very urban-- big buildings and wider roads. I like the fact that the city still has some green in it. We dropped by Qutub Minar, an old tower situated near the city. We then proceeded to Agra after that.

Agra was great-- the Taj Mahal is majestic and everything I expected. The other sites we went to, the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, were good but just pales in comparison to the the Taj Mahal. (All three places are UNESCO World Heritage sites, by the way).

The trip to Agra and Delhi was the perfect conclusion to my Indian sightseeing trips. If you look at the progression of my travels-- from sites within Bangalore, then to Mysore, then to Chennai and Pondicherry and then to Agra and Delhi-- it was going to a farther and more interesting place. I'm sure there are more good places to visit in India and I'm quite sure I'll be seeing them when I get a chance to go back.


What's next? My Farewell Party and going back to the Asian Institute of Management.


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