It's Election Time Once Again

If the United States are deep into the coming elections featuring the Democrats' Barack Obama and Joe Biden against the Republicans' John McCain and Sarah Palin, the Asian Institute of Management student body will be casting the ballot as well.

The campaign period for the AIM Student Association (AIM SA) elections has started and the posts of Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, and Overseas Students' President will be vied for by candidates from our junior MBA cohorts.

If you remember, I ran for the post of Vice-Chairperson last year and I lost by only four votes. I guess there were still some positive outcomes for me because I was assigned to lead the AIM SA Sports Committee, where I was involved in steering the school's participation in the 2008 Inter-MBA Games and organizing the first AIM Community Poker Championships.

The candidates for this coming elections are:

  • For Chairperson:
    • Laurice Alaan (MBA 2009)
    • Kshitij Dimri (MBA 2009)
    • Siddhart Jain (MBA 2009)
  • For Vice-Chairperson:
    • Rohan Khera (MBA 2009)
    • Kenneth Reyes-Lao (MBA 2009)
  • For Overseas Students' President:
    • Nirav Shah (MBA 2009)

I guess I'll be doing a feature on the candidates in the next couple of posts.


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