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A lot of people have been asking me what I'll be doing with The AIM Blogger now that I have graduated. While I do have an idea what will happen to the blog, there have been varying opinion what the direction the blog should take now that I've moved from being a student at the Asian Institute of Management to a full-fledged alumnus.

That's why I realized this is the perfect opportunity to get feedback from the readers of this blog-- the folks who have seen how this blog evolved from a simple account of day-to-day acttivities at the MBA program to a hub for students, alumni and anonymous people to discuss hot issues. I've created a brief, 6-question online survey with the intent of getting the pulse of the blog's readers. I also promise that I will share the results of the survey in this blog once it reaches around 40 responses.

So, folks, here's the link to the very first reader survey for The AIM Blogger:

I hope you can allot a couple of minutes of your time to complete the short survey. Thanks!


Please hurry, the survey is limited to 100 responses only. :D


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