One of the things that make me uncomfortable about handling an online marketing elective here at the Asian Institute of Management is whenever people (usually from my former classmates) call me "Prof" or "Professor."

Yeah, I've been tabbed to teach and develop an elective course for the MBA and executive education courses, but in my mind, an AIM professor is a passionate and learned person that earned his/her stripes from years of experience in teaching the Case Method. My former professors such as Jun Borromeo, Ricky Lim, and Gloria Chan come to mind as genuine AIM professors. I also have to add the likes of Professors Gaby Mendoza, Mel Salazar, Vic Lim, Francisco Bernardo, Capt. Bobby Lim, and Fil Alfonso to that list. (Although I never got to be their official student, their respective reputations live on the stories from faculty and alumni.)

So you could imagine the discomfort I usually feel when people they put the word "professor" beside my name-- Even in jest, I don't think I've done anything to even get a whiff of a scent of that word . Heck, I'm not even an adjunct faculty.


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