I'm finally blogging again here. I was very busy last week making sure the Winning Internet Marketing Strategies & Tactics (WIMST) course at AIM's EXCELL was humming along smoothly. Good thing the course was received very well, and the feedback has been very positive and encouraging. Everyone in the WIMST team is excited to be offering the course to the MBA students this July.


The Master in Management (MM) Class of 2009 will be graduating this April 25, 2009 at the AIM Conference Center Manila. Congrats to the ladies & gentlemen of the MM class!


Speaking of the MM folks, a recent walkabout by one of the graduating students was a huge success.

I attended the A Night of Cello & Illumination last week and the performance was superb. My favorite? Philippine Philharmonic cellist Herrick Ortiz's rendition of Bach's "Cello Concerto."

Kudos to MM's Tomomi Ishimaya!


There was a freak accident in campus earlier: One student hit one of the glass panels near the Zen Garden and suffered major cuts and bruises.

That shouldn't be news, but the fact is the glass panels at the Zen Garden is pretty sturdy and it would take a significant amount of force to make a dent. So imagine the impact to break one of the panels completely. I'm sure former AIM students can imagine that happening: it surely is not a pretty sight.


Here's an AIM first: come June, MBA Cohorts 2 & 3 will be sharing elective terms, the very first time 2 different cohorts will be sharing electives & schedules . It will will be Cohort 2's final elective term and the first for Cohort 3. It looks like it's gonna be fun.


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