BeerPub May 2009

Last Friday, we had the BeerPub for the MBA students, and it was an evening of games, camaraderie, and, of course, beer. (The BeerPub is an AIM traditional event held to welcome new students or students who came from a break).

I served as the evening's emcee and games master I made sure everyone had a blast. We had some very interesting games that got everybody involved, even the some MBA Cohorts 2 & 3 students. Here are some pics from the start of the event:

The last BeerPub I attended was almost one year ago and it was our welcome to the Master in Management students and a "welcome back" to our class, who just came from our Action Consultancy (AC) break. The last BeerPub was held last September, but there was an interesting story behind it.


Rahul said…
Hey Regnard, m Rahul, I will be appearing for the interview for Sept 09 intake and m really curious abt some things. Really sorry to have commented in sucha out-of-context manner, but i thought i could get to you in the fastest possible manner through ur blog. help the perplexed aspirant. thanks in advance.
Rahul said…
hey sorry, u can get back at

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